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The diagnosis was made correctly, recommendations were also given accordingly. I was advised to contact him by acquaintances, and where he accepts, I already searched myself on the Internet. The doctor consulted us and sent us to a specialist who we really need at this stage, and after that we will continue treatment with him again.

We came to him for a consultation, and we will have the best feedback about the doctor. We read reviews about him on the Internet and made an appointment with him. He explained to us in detail, in an accessible and understandable way what and how we can and should do in our situation. At this stage, he offered us several options for solving our problem. But he said that for now it is necessary to limit ourselves only to washing procedures.

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The doctor explained it very well about Cialis. Treatment is effective. The husband was cured. I also went for the kidneys. I'm happy! I even ordered repeated tests to pass only the necessary ones! In other clinics, they give everything you need and don't need. I was personally very impressed by the extremely high level of professionalism of the entire team of the urology department, operating and intensive care departments. He is quite correct and highly qualified specialist. I really liked the approach to work and the human attitude towards the patient. In such a delicate area, this is very important.